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Do you believe it’s possible to bring in $10,000 a month by blogging? In this article, I’d love to show you 5 real blogs that make over $10,000 a month from a variety of sources in different niches, including patenting, home decor, traveling, passive income, and fashion. Hopefully, it will serve as great motivation, and you’ll get it’s an indication of how much money you can make blogging. The data comes from the income reports the bloggers have revealed on their websites.

In one of my previous videos, I showed you several websites that make money with ads, primarily via Google AdSense. This video will present real data from the income reports that the bloggers have exposed themselves. And by referring to them as bloggers we mean they are creating content on their websites and social networks, cause we’ll discuss YouTube Blogging in another video.

Before we proceed, I think it’s essential to understand how many bloggers are making this kind of income.

According to the survey from ProBlogger on blog owners’ monthly earnings, here’s the percentage of people in specific income brackets:

  • $0 – 10%
  • Under $10 – 28%
  • $10 – $99 – 25%
  • $100 – $499 – 17%
  • $500 – $999 – 7%
  • $1000 – $9999 – 9%
  • Over $10,000 – 4%

Let’s just pause for a minute and take a look at another survey. According to Digital Nomad Wannabe’s survey of their blog owner audience, this is what their bloggers earn in profits on a monthly basis, by percentages: $0 – 27% 

  • $1 – $200 – 23.1% 
  • $201 – $500 – 10.6%
  • $501 – $1000 – less than 10%
  • $1001 – $2500 – 12.8%
  • $2500 – $5000 – less than 10%
  • $5001 – $10,000 – less than 9%
  • $10,000 – $19,999 – less than 3%
  • $20,000+ – 1.9%

As you can see, only 4% of bloggers earn over $10,000. To earn that amount of money, you really need to be solid, at least 3-4 years into doing this consistently. If you make it to $10,000 a month or more, you will place yourself in the 5% of top-earning bloggers.

What’s much more important, it’s real.

So what are the most lucrative blogging niches? 



Becoming a fashion blogger is a dream come true for so many people with a sense of style. If you’re interested in the intersection of style, creativity, and business, starting a fashion blog is an excellent idea.

Not only being a fashion blogger provides you with an amazing opportunity to experiment with different outfits, accessories, and makeup looks, but it also allows you to harness your artistic talent, and build a unique personal brand.

Not interested in experimenting with outfits yourself? No problem! You can just create content on different fashion brands, reviewing their collections and aesthetics.

Here’s what makes fashion blogging exciting. Fashion bloggers often receive free products from brands seeking exposure and a loyal following. Collaborations with brands can also translate into paid opportunities or added exposure.

A successful fashion blog can generate income through a combination of methods such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, ad revenue, and partnerships.

Here comes a fashion blog Chic Pursuit that generated over $10,000 in January.

The breakdown of the earnings in January looks like this: 

  • Affiliate Marketing– $8,718.41
  • Display Ads & YouTube – $1,925.31
  • Own Products$412.5
  • Sponsored Content – $320
  • Total Income: $11,376.22

As you can see, affiliate products are her primary source of income. And it’s not surprising: when you’re blogging about high-ticket fashion products, you can earn $100 from one affiliate sale. As the blogger’s post length is mostly over 1,500 words, affiliate income makes perfect sense.

That’s why I always recommend that before starting your blog you need to be aware of which products you can sell there so you can create and check the viability of the business model beforehand.



Becoming a travel blogger can offer a multitude of benefits and exciting opportunities. Through your travel blog, you can reach a vast and diverse audience from all around the world. Although it involves stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences, it’s a dream job for millions of people who are excited about traveling and exploring the world.

This independent lifestyle allows you to choose your own schedule, decide on the destinations you want to explore, and create content at your own pace.

Collaborations with brands, sponsored partnerships, and affiliate marketing can generate income from your passion for travel. While it may take time and effort to establish your brand and build a loyal audience, the potential for turning your hobby into a sustainable career is exciting.

Have you ever wondered how much travel bloggers make? Of course, their income might vary a lot.

In May 2022, the My Global Viewpoint travel blog earned over $20,000, according to its own blog income report.

And here are their income streams:

  • Mediavine ads: $13,876
  • Affiliate marketing: $7,282
  • Sponsored posts/partnerships: $3,000
  • Image licensing: $600
  • Total travel blog salary for May 2022: $24,758

For this blog, premium ad networks like Mediavine are the primary source of income.

And that makes perfect sense as many travel bloggers create long-form content and might benefit from inserting ads on their websites.



A parenting blog might become a platform to write about your parenting experiences, milestones, challenges, and joys, creating a digital scrapbook for your children to look back on in the future.

Through a parenting blog, you have the opportunity to connect with other parents who are going through similar experiences.

Moreover, running a parenting blog can facilitate personal growth and learning, expand your knowledge on parenting-related subjects, and gain a deeper understanding of your own parenting style.

A successful parenting blog can attract attention from brands, publishers, and other professionals in the industry. This can lead to exciting opportunities for collaborations, sponsored posts, book deals, speaking engagements, and other partnerships that can further expand your influence and reach.

The Realistic Mama blog provides parenting tips and shares advice on how to raise kids and maintain a healthy family. This parenting blog made $24,481 in December 2021.

Take a look at their December income breakdown:

  • Ads: $1,865
  • Affiliate Income: $11,290.58
  • Our Products: $11,326
  • Total Income: $24,481

That month the blog had 158,049 pageviews in December. Considering the blogger claims to be spending only 10-20 hours per month blogging, this is an incredible result. It’s also interesting that direct affiliate sales and product revenues are almost identical, meaning the blogger has found a way to perfectly balance both incomes, plus add a nice part of the revenue from ads.


Home Decor

This anonymous blogger runs a blog in the home decor niche. How much do you think it earns?

There’s no direct link to this blog, but a revenue report is pretty solid.

By the way, a lot of people who create niche websites don’t straightforwardly expose them. The main reason for this is finding a narrow niche where you can make results fast are difficult and most probably they’re afraid of competition.

With 3,300,000 sessions per year (275,000 sessions per month), the blog is earning an average of $26,000 per month. 51.7% comes from affiliate marketing, followed by a large chunk from display ads, and lastly, sponsored posts.


Passive Income

This passive income niche blog managed to streamline content website creation and turn it into a successful business. They create a portfolio of websites in various niches, optimize the content, and leverage several monetization strategies. As a result, they have an almost passive revenue stream.

Here are the results of their 6 websites.

  • Mediavine ads: $44,441.40
  • Amazon Associates Affiliate revenue: $2,005
  • Print-on-demand services $90.46
  • Total Revenue: $46,446.49

That month, all their blogs had a total of 1,039,177 pageviews.

Even though their expenses are about 18% of the revenue ($9,404.87), the income looks pretty solid. Having several blogs helps you protect your digital assets from unexpected Google updates and ensures the stability of this business model.

One of the websites in the DIY niche that they exposed is mybackyardlife.com. It generated $3,837, which is not bad at all.



Even though $10,000 is considered a top earner’s income for a blogger, there are a lot of blogs that have passed this mark. Plenty of them at this point manage to delegate most stressful tasks (including writing, in many cases) and just operate the blog as a digital business, which it is.

If you’re ready to start growing your blog today, join my mastermind sessions and check out my blogging course. 

In mastermind sessions, we’ll meet every week in a small group that wants you to succeed within 2 months. The goal is to grow your business and increase your revenue. We’ll make sure you’re only doing the right things to get your blog off the ground and monetize it as quickly as possible.

Your dreams are too important to postpone them, so start your blog today, and somewhere down the road, you’ll be thanking yourself.


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