What is AdSense in Google And How To Earn $1,000 From It

I started to monetize my blog with Google AdSense in September 2019. My first payout was a little over $35.

What is Adsense in Google: my first payout

In 2 years’ time, I reached $2,000 in passive income, earning from something I truly adore, blogging.

What is Adsense in Google in 2 years

One of my revenue streams from blogging used to be Google AdSense. And I truly believe that is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blogging side hustle. My AdSense passive revenue was up to $2,000 a month. Just imagine how your life could change if you had $2,000 in passive income each month.  And it’s real and easier than you think. What is Adsense in Google? Let’s discuss it!


What Is Adsense In Google?

As Google puts it,

Google AdSense is a free-of-charge, simple way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your site.

So it’s simple. If you have a blog with traffic, you can receive additional income from showing ads on all or certain pages of your blog. We’ll get back to it in a few minutes.

Google AdSense is often mixed up with Google Ads, another platform from Google that allows you to configure and launch Ads for your business. Google Ads is literally the flip side of the coin. As more and more businesses are paying for the ads, Google allocates a part of this payment to content creators who allow the ads to be displayed on their websites.

Another source of the confusion is YouTube. It’s actually monetized via AdSense too. A lot of YouTube bloggers are not even aware that you can use AdSense to earn with your blog too.



How to Make Money With Google AdSense

If you have a blog or a website, you can earn with Google AdSense.

The primary thing you have to check is that your website or blog has traffic. Otherwise, how do you monetize it?

  • After account creation, you will have to install a small part of the code on your website. Don’t worry, with Google’s detailed instructions, it’s extremely easy, especially for such popular platforms, as WordPress, or Joomla.
  • Once you have installed that code on your blog, you’ll be able to submit your first website for review.

Before submitting your website, make sure that you have followed every requirement on how to get Google AdSense approved.

  • After your website is approved, Google will run ads on it and you’ll be getting your additional revenue stream, yay!

I have to mention here that AdSense income is not entirely passive. It’s not like you create a website, get it approved in Google AdSense, and then rest on your laurels sipping cocktails on the beach. You can, for a while, but in general, you need to make sure new content pops up in your blog at least once a week.

If your blog is not updated for several months, it might start to lose its rankings in SERP. And you don’t want that to happen.

You’ll have to regularly create new content and learn the basics of SEO every day. It’s an exciting journey, which can lead to breaking free from a 9 to 6 rat race. I know that because it allowed me to become a digital nomad and choose my country of residence anywhere in the world.

How Much Does Google Pay in Adsense?

It really depends on your niche and on the time of year. During the holiday season, the cost per click might skyrocket as a lot of businesses want to advertise their products and services.


Want to Learn More about AdSense?

To learn more about what Adsense Is and how to make it work for you, watch this video. In this video, I’ll show you how I made an additional $40,000 as a blogger so that you could use this approach and monetize your passion, whatever it is. Make your blog work for you.

In addition, I’m inviting you to join a community of bloggers via my BlogInsider mailing list. Every week I run experiments with SEO, social media, and other types of marketing so that you don’t have to. Join the community below.


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