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Content Marketing

[Guide] Product Positioning for Marketing Activities: Definition, Examples, Strategies

product and company positioning

Product positioning in marketing is too broad of a term. There’s a mixup with regards to how positioning, messaging, and value proposition are different and how positioning fits into the broad marketing strategy. This article will reflect on how you can develop product positioning to enhance your marketing activities and boost the sales of your […]

Personal Brand

6 Key Lessons for Your Personal Brand Strategy From the Depp vs Heard Defamation Trial

johnny depp vs amber heard trial takeaways for marketers brand personal

I’m not generally interested in other people’s lives. Seriously, I loved Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow since I was 17 but I was never interested in personal life. As the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial unfolded, I started watching the trial to enrich my vocabulary. Then a strange thing happened, My interest grew […]

Soft Skills

The Secret to Being Persuasive Even If You’re an Introvert

The Secret to Being Persuasive Even If You're an Introvert

Why learn to be persuasive when you own a digital business? That’s what one of my friends asked me recently. He continued: You see, we, creators of digital businesses are mostly low-key introverts. We don’t want to communicate daily and avoid hard sales or pushy presentations. That is exactly the reason we are so successful […]


Answering 20 FAQs on YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts questions FAQ full guide everything you need to know

What is YouTube Shorts? YouTube Shorts is a new video format recently introduced by YouTube. The basic difference from standard YouTube videos is their size and ability to create Shorts directly from your phone. Using a built-in YouTube editing tool, you can use footage, pictures, texts, and any kind of music (even the copyrighted songs) […]


How to Start a YouTube Channel in 8 Steps From Scratch

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 8 Steps From Scratch

Gone are the days when uploading a random and generic video on YouTube was enough to get some views and engagement. As consumers’ appetite for video content has been increasing in the past decade, the amount of new video content uploaded every minute grew almost twice between 2014 and 2020. As of February 2020, more […]


11 Highest-Paying and Beginner-Friendly Freelance Writing Niches

11 best high paying freelance writing niches

Do you know the most typical mistake that all beginner freelance writers make? They position themselves as writers. Just writers. Consequently, they are often left on the sidelines with no orders, looking for another job. No, they’re far from stupid. They are often smart and talented. They can do a variety of miscellaneous texts. They […]


How to Become a Freelancer Without Experience In a Week: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Become a Freelancer Without Experiece In a Week A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re wondering how to start freelancing even though you think you lack the required skills, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll focus on actionable advice on how to become a freelancer without experience in just a week. Starting freelancing from scratch can be scary. Even if you have a solid professional […]

Growth Strategy

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s 0$ Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

takeaways from tesla growth marketing strategy.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS takeaways from tesla growth marketing strategy

Tesla is one of the most expensive brands in the US as well as in the world. In less than two decades, it has become the most valuable automotive company with an astonishing fan base and mind-blowing customer loyalty of over 80%. What’s more, until very recently, they managed to achieve this impressive result with […]


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