Answering 20 FAQs on YouTube Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a new video format recently introduced by YouTube. The basic difference from standard YouTube videos is their size and ability to create Shorts directly from your phone. Using a built-in YouTube editing tool, you can use footage, pictures, texts, and any kind of music (even the copyrighted songs) to create and upload a new piece of content.

Is YouTube Shorts an app?

No. YouTube Shorts is just another format of YouTube videos. Such videos are vertical as opposed to normal YouTube videos. You can watch Shorts across all mobile devices in the YouTube app.

What is Youtube Shorts’ max length? Is it 15 or 60 seconds?

If you’re confused, we get you. Originally, YouTube shorts were up to 15 seconds only. After that, YouTube decided to increase the video max length to 60 seconds.

Keep in mind that if you’re using the music from the YouTube catalog, your maximum Shorts length will be 15 seconds.

The reason for this confusion is that Google doesn’t roll out all these features globally at once. In fact, they do it region by region. That is why in your region YouTube shorts may be currently unavailable. Hold on!

Can Youtube shorts be monetized?

If you want to make money with YouTube shorts, you need to learn about the approach Google uses to monetize YouTube shorts content, as it is very different from the YouTube Channel monetization.

Google has established a $100M to reward creators for videos that make an impact in the YouTube community.

YouYube will reach out to creators by themselves. Eligibility changes every month, so if you received a bonus last month, that doesn’t necessarily qualify you next month.

There are a few requirements that you have to meet:

  • Your age must be above the minimal requirements
  • You must be from an eligible country
  • The Shorts video has to be uploaded in the last 180 days
  • The content you upload must be original (movie clips don’t count)
  • Any watermarked videos won’t be counted (buy, TikTok downloads)

The good news is you can be rewarded for your shorts even if you aren’t currently monetizing your YouTube channel, for instance, if your channel has been recently created.

Bad news, you can’t even nearly predict how to qualify for this bonus. There’s no specific threshold, moreover, each month YouTube reviews the eligibility criteria.

So answering the question regarding the monetization of YouTube shorts, your channel may earn some additional money but it’s a mystery. The only factor that directly influences the revenue is viewers’ location.

What’s the approximate Youtube Shorts revenue?

As per Google’s promise, if your Shorts content qualifies for the program, you may receive a bonus from $100 to $10,000 from the Youtube shorts fund.

How do my shorts get views?

Your subscribers may discover your videos in one of the following ways:

  • By tapping Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app
  • On their YouTube homepage
  • In their notifications
  • In their Subscriptions
  • On your channel homepage

Where can I find YouTube Shorts guidelines?

You can find the guidelines on the official YouTube Support website.

How often should I post YouTube Shorts?

The frequency with which you post Shorts basically has no influence on your channel. The only metric that is important is the country of your viewers

Where is YouTube shorts on the desktop?

If you want to want YouTube shorts on a desktop or laptop, simply go to the YouTube homepage. You’ll see Shorts either in the bottom part of the screen or in the left menu, the third option from the top.

Who can upload YouTube Shorts?

You can create and share YouTube Shorts directly from your phone.

How do YouTube shorts work?

Shorts increase engagement among your viewers, especially the younger audience who got used to the same format on TikTok and Instagram. This format is easy to consume. After all, scrolling through numerous 15-seconds shorts is simple and doesn’t require any conscious effort.

Can Youtube Shorts be 4k?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Shorts have been designed to fit smaller screens, therefore, there’s no need for the highest resolution. For YouTube shorts, a minimum resolution is 600 x 600 and a maximum is 1080 x 1080.

Why are YouTube Shorts low-quality?

YouTube Shorts format has been created with mobile users in mind. The number of mobile users is growing exponentially all the time so it wouldn’t hurt to take a shot with another video format. As mobile devices’ screens are generally small, enhanced quality and resolution won’t enhance user experience in the same way.

Can YouTube Shorts be horizontal?

No, they can’t. This format has been specifically designed to fit mobile devices. If you want to upload a horizontal video, you can just use the common YouTube video format.

How Shorts are different from TiKTok or Instagram Reels/Stories?

These formats have a lot in common so quite frankly, if you prepare some content for Reels or TikTok, bear in mind that you can also use it for Shorts. Moreover, unlike Reels or Facebook stories, Shorts do not disappear after 24 hours.

Are YouTube Shorts only available on mobile?

No. This format is also available on desktops or laptops. It does look like a mobile-device format only.

is youtube shorts only available on mobile

How many YouTube Shorts can I post a day?

If Shorts are currently available to you, you can post as many shorts as you like. Your subscribers will get a notification once you upload your content.

Will YouTube shorts help my channel?

That depends on your goal and what you’re looking for.

Generally, your channel can benefit from YouTube Shorts as a tool that allows you to connect with your existing subscribers more frequently and on the fly. However, growth-wise, there’s little Shorts can do to attract a new audience.

Will YouTube Shorts beat TikTok?

YouTube launched the Shorts format on March, 18th of 2021. Since then, YouTube Shorts videos are generating 30 billion views per day, a 4x increase, while TikTok claims to have over 1 billion videos watched per day worldwide. From this point of view, it seems that YouTube already outranked TikTok on their territory.

Is YouTube Shorts worth it?

If you’re focused on original content and you create this content for TikTok anyway, shorts can be another interesting way to share your content. No doubt, the competition will only grow.

However, if you’re debating whether to make content specifically for shorts and it takes too much time, it may be better to explore other channels.


Hopefully, this article answered most of your questions regarding YouTube Shorts.

If you’re only getting started on YouTube, check out our guide on How to Start a YouTube Channel in 8 Steps From Scratch.


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