The Courage To Shine




A content creator’s soul is vulnerable. When you’re just starting out, it’s challenging to deal with those who disapprove. Any comment that is not thoughtful or supportive might kill your desire to proceed with bringing your topic to light.

We all want to be loved. This desire has been wired into our bodies for generations. That’s why fear of someone disliking you is one of the most powerful dangers.

Learn how to not give a damn about any hateful comments, for good.

  • What if you could just look at a hateful comment and smile?
  • What if even if you react emotionally to the comments, you had a tool that you could quickly apply and release the pressure?
  • What if people who don’t like you didn’t matter at all anymore?

In this 14-day course, you’ll discover a toolbox for overcoming the fear of disapproval. Each day you’ll be getting a new piece of content or a new exercise that will cement your ability to keep a level head when dealing with hateful or disapproving comments. In the end, you’ll develop the courage to accept hate and dislikes in social media.

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